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Selected Articles (reflecting personal views only) 

2023 November 27 Connecticut Viewpoints and New Haven Register  "Considering a 'Crisis' during Adoption Month"

2022 April 1 Connecticut Viewpoints and New Haven Register  "Partnerships for Child Welfare: Volunteers Can Help Professionals, Families, and Children..."

2021 June 20 Connecticut Viewpoints and New Haven Register "...A Movement for Children Unites Connecticut"

2021 January 17 Connecticut Viewpoints and New Haven Register  "The Mentoring Circle: Supportive Relationships Across Generations"

2020 November 26 Connecticut Viewpoints and Medium  "Turning 50--and Giving Thanks--in 2020: Reflections on the Decade Past" 

2020 October 1 Connecticut Viewpoints and New Haven Register  "October: A Time to Think about Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse" 

2020 June 12 Connecticut Viewpoints and Medium  "Generations after the Movement, Civil Rights Imperatives Remain" 

2020 May 20 Connecticut Viewpoints "May is Foster Care Month--while Child Abuse and Neglect Are Likely Underreported"

2020 March 30 Connecticut Viewpoints and New Haven Register  "...It's 'Volunteer Month' and 'Child Abuse Prevention Month'" 

2019 November 28 Connecticut Viewpoints and New Haven Register  "Lighting the Way to Safe, Permanent Homes for Kids" 

2019 July 25 Connecticut Viewpoints  "An Easy Way to Help: Give Blood" 

2018 December 28 Baltimore Sun "A Feminist Dad Finds Himself in a Quandary" 

2018 July 12 Connecticut Viewpoints and New Haven Register  "Summer Learning Day Represents Opportunities, Gaps"

2017 December 8 Good Men Project and Medium  "More Men Need to Join the (Ongoing) Women’s March"  

2017 October 20 Medium "Let’s Learn History—Not Political Bias" 

2017 June 10 Medium  "Global Families Cushioning Globalization, from Loving v. Virginia to Every Day" 

2017 May 5 Medium  "Nationalist Lessons from Europe, in History and Today"  

2017 February 5 Connecticut Viewpoints  "America’s Values Are Betrayed Again: A New 'Asiatic Barred Zone'"

2017 January 31 Medium  "Growing Up with, and Taking 'Hope' from, President Obama"  

2017 January 24 New Haven Independent  "Marching with, and for, Women – and America"  

2016 November 2 Connecticut Viewpoints  "'Revolution' Talk Serious, from Shays' Rebellion to Today"   

2016 July 20 New Haven Independent  "Convention Memories: Another Clinton, Another Age"  

2016 June 28 Connecticut Viewpoints "New Americans and Young Voters to Play Growing Role"  

2016 May 5 New Haven Independent  "Impressions of India: New Delhi via New Haven" 

2016 March 17 Sports Illustrated (the Cauldron)  "Sports and the Campus Climate for Women: 'It’s on Us' Men" 

2016 March 17 Times of India  "Naturalization of Immigrants: Connecting the U.S. to the World"  

2016 January 29 New Haven Independent  "An Immigrant Becomes a U.S. Citizen" 

2015 October 16 Connecticut Viewpoints  "The U.S. and Connecticut Should Do Our Share to Welcome Refugees"

2015 October 8 Baltimore Sun  "Indian Americans Strengthen the U.S." 

2015 June 19 Connecticut Viewpoints  "A Father Reflects on Reproductive Choice" 

2015 April 7 Connecticut Viewpoints  "Basketball Is Enough: UConn Should De-emphasize Football, Sharpen Academic Focus"

2015 February 2 Times of India  "Two Republics, and Global Citizenship"  

2014 June 5 Connecticut Mirror  "Interfaith Efforts Teach Tolerance, Both Global and Local" 

2014 May 13 Times of India  "Indians and the American Story"

2014 April 25 New Haven Independent  "Notes from a Nation of 1.2 Billion"

2014 April 14 Times of India  "Making Sense of Inequality in the U.S. and India" 

2014 March 19 Times of India  "How Holi(days) Can Promote Unity"

2014 March 14 Connecticut Mirror  "How Holi(days) Can Promote Unity"
2013 November 1 Connecticut Mirror  "History, Civics, and Balancing 'STEM'"

2013 October 11 Connecticut Mirror  "Every Community Deserves a Public School"

2013 January 3 Connecticut Mirror  "On Guns and Security: A Parent's Plea for Reason"

2012 December 17 New Haven Register  "Improving Education Involves Everyone"

2011 September 7 New Haven Independent  "Literacy, Every Day"

2011 January 30 New Haven Independent  "Gandhi's Legacy: To Strive for Peace"

2010 November 30 New Haven Register  "At 40, a Change of Life's Seasons"

2010 April 22 New Haven Register  "Domestic Violence Is a Public Challenge"

2009 September 7 New Haven Independent  "Long-Term Care: Grandma at 97" 

2008 October 22 New Haven Register  "Domestic Violence No Game"

2008 September 2 New Haven Independent  "Preschool: Public Policy Gets Personal, Early Childhood Resources and Research"

2008 April 1 New Haven Independent  "Report Sees Schools' Challenges and Promise"

2008 January 2 New Haven Independent  "The Roots of Rigor: Early Learning, Reading, Teacher Quality"

2007 October 7 New Haven Independent  "Education: A Shared Responsibility" 

2007 May 31 New Haven Register  "Men Can Cut Down Violence by Showing Women Respect"

2006 October 31 New Haven Register  "Schools Need Partners to Confront Gap"

2006 September "From New Haven to New Delhi: Globalization and Its Human Scale"

2006 June 28 Hartford Courant  "Marrying Cultures: The Magic of the Melting Pot"

2006 May 30 This I Believe  "Cushioning Globalization through Global Families" 

2006 April 10 New Haven Register  on teacher quality, professional development and student achievement

2005 Fall Concord Review Society  “Raising Expectations for Teachers and Their Students”

2005 April 20 New Haven Register  "Tests Not Just Measure of Students, Teachers"

2004 May 30 New Haven Register  "A Rallying Call Must Be Heard: Real Men Don't Abuse Women" 

2003 November 13 Yale Daily News  "City Offers an Array of Teaching Opportunities" 

2003 September 10 New Haven Register  "State Has Plenty Going for It, Make Most of It"

2003 May 28 New Haven Register  "Real Men Can Help to Thwart Domestic Violence"

2003 April 2 New Haven Register  "Support for Public Schools a Priority All Can Share"

2002 July 17 Hartford Courant  "Vouchers Aren't the Solution for Troubled Schools"

2000 October 30 Boston Globe  "Don't Mistake a Low Youth Vote for Apathy"

2000 May 31 Christian Science Monitor  "Graduating to Public Service: Is It Affordable?"

1999 August 23 Hartford Courant/Minneapolis Star Tribune  "Hamilton Would Have Embraced Gun Control"

1999 June 24 Hartford Courant on educational opportunity and preparation for college

1999 January 12 Hartford Courant on ex-gang member recovering from addiction "Redemption from His Sins, or Not"

1997 June 7 NY Daily News  "Charity Needs Pros"

1996 November 27 Wall Street Journal  "In Memory of Free Speech"

1996 November 26 Journal Inquirer  "The Challenge of Sheff v. O'Neill Ruling"

1996 June 11 NY Daily News  "Crime and Apathy on the D Train"

1996 May 24 Christian Science Monitor  "If I Were Graduation Speaker"

1996 January 7 Hartford Courant  on regionalism, New York and Connecticut

1995 April 18 Hartford Courant  "Small Towns Benefit from Big Government"

1994 April 24 Hartford Courant  "A Coming of Age in the 1990s"

Book Chapter

"Harlem Snapshot: Schooling in New Technologies"  pp. 143-149 in Children and the Media, Everette E. Dennis and Edward C. Pease, editors. New Brunswick, NJ and London, UK: Transaction Publishers, 1996 -- and available through Google Books.  By the 21st century, this mid-1990s glimpse -- originally published as a 1994 journal article -- of learning technologies seems dated but still reflects both how these technologies continue to evolve and how their effective use remains a question.

Page 144: "What the students' experiences suggest are not just the wonders and potential of these technologies, but also the consequences if their benefits are not made widely available."

Pages 148-149: "While a look at PS 125 does reinforce some of the widespread optimism about technology's educational impact, the experience there also evokes the magnitude of obstacles that remain. As important as the hardware is, advanced computers and interactive networks are of limited value without a sufficiently redesigned curriculum that fully integrates them. . . . Keeping in mind what a recent national study suggested -- that students score best in states that spend a high percentage of education monies on teachers -- policy-makers should be wary of primarily technological solutions. Educators understand the need for a more comprehensive approach, but only a fraction of schools have the will and the money to move forward. Clearly, the power of technology is finite and easily exaggerated; human and fiscal elements will continue to play a major, perhaps deciding, role in the educational equation. Yet . . . interactive multimedia tools in themselves are becoming increasingly important, and children unable to share in them will be at a disadvantage. . . . Universal access to the digital highway will be merely a minimum requirement, not a panacea. Still, it is encouraging to glimpse what the new media might bring. While the results of the digital revolution will remain uneven and uncertain for years to come, there are real, positive dividends to be secured, lively imaginations to be captured -- not just frightful scenarios to be avoided."

Selected Other Essays
1988 Volume 1 The Concord Review "The Abolitionism of William Lloyd Garrison"
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